Liveaboard Diving

    Norman Reef - Clipper Cairns, Australia

    Norman Reef - Plate Top Cairns, Australia

    Norman Reef - Pontoon Cairns, Australia

    Training dive site; mainly for Intro divers and snorkelling.Awesome huge Humpheaded Maori Wrasse called Wally - very friendly & loves divers!!!

    Norman Reef - Troppo's Cairns, Australia

    Norman Reef - Turtle Bay Cairns, Australia

    North Atoll - Amos Rock Tubbataha, Philippines

    The wall is wonderfully covered with huge gorgonian fans and whip corals and if there is some current this place is just packed with large fish! Here you can see so many sharks you'll give up on counting, mostly white tip reef sharks and gray reef sharks. There are also plenty of mackerels,…

    North Atoll - Gorgonian… Tubbataha, Philippines

    North Atoll - Malayan Wall Tubbataha, Philippines

    Adventurous divers looking for a glimpse of schooling hammerhead sharks in the deep blue choose to take the plunge at Tubbataha’s Malayan Wall.Named after the wreck of the Malayan (a small shipwreck at the beginning of the dive), divers swim out into the open Sulu Sea as far as they can…

    North Atoll - Malayan Wreck Tubbataha, Philippines

    You can see the remains of a Malayian ship that stranded here from the mooring place. You can have a strong current in one of the sides, but lots of fish will hang around there too, a large group of dogtooth tuna and even an eagle ray. On the reef top you can see moray eels, angelfishes,…

    North Atoll - Marine Park Tubbataha, Philippines

    North Atoll - Ranger Station Tubbataha, Philippines

    There is a channel going to the ranger station.

    North Atoll - Seafan Alley Tubbataha, Philippines

    North Atoll - Shark Airport Tubbataha, Philippines

    Known as one of Tubbataha’s most fertile dive sites, the Shark Airport is made up of a wide plateau at 15 m dropping off to a shelf at 25 m.Endangered hawksbill and green sea turtles can often be found searching the sunny shallows in search of corals to munch on while whitetip sharks cruise…

    North Atoll - Terraces Tubbataha, Philippines

    North Atoll - Wall Street Tubbataha, Philippines

    One of the most popular coral reef wall dives within the Tubbataha park, ‘Wall Street’ is a sheer wall dive plunging deep into the blue of the Sulu Sea. Notable sightings at the ‘Wall Street’ dive include Napoleon Wrasse, and blacksaddle coral grouper. Lucky divers have even…

    North Atoll - Washing Machine Tubbataha, Philippines

    Named for the unpredictable currents which sometimes change direction in the middle of a dive, the Washing Machine is located at the exposed northeastern edge of Tubbataha.Known for having some of the best visibility of any dive site within the Marine Park, this dive site is home to grey reef sharks…

    North Channel North Ari Atoll, Maldives

    Manta's cleaning station

    North East Wall - Gold Coast… Southern Queensland, Australia


    North Horn Cairns, Australia

    White tip reef sharks, silvertip and grey reef shark, potato cod, morays

    North Point Koh Similan, Thailand

    Big rocky boulders sea ground. Go N at a depth of 30m, there are three rock arches. In the area, there is also a pinnacle rising from 40 meters to 25 meters.Fish schoals, and occasional sharks and rays.

    North Wall Cairns, Australia

    Grey Reef Sharks, barracuda

    Nuku Reef Taveuni Island, Fiji


    Numidia Wreck The Brother Islands, Egypt

    The 137m long British cargo ship Numidia sunk in july 20th, 1901. The bows lies near 8m deep with a pair of Railway Engine Wheels. The rest of the wreck goes down to 40m and the stern lies near 80m.Highlights: Wonderful wreck, Gray Sharks

    Obock Garden Obock Garden, Djibouti


    Panzer Riff Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt

    Pellowe Reef - Cucumber Alley Cairns, Australia

    Small isolated reef; great wall; pelagics.

    Peter's Peaks Turneffe Islands, Belize

    A nice site for exploring the many tunnels weaving through the corals, or just cruise along the wall and enjoy the sea life hanging about.

    Pfeiffer Reef North Sudan, Sudan

    A very famous dive site for shark diving.

    Pilican Cay Turneffe Islands, Belize

    Pinky Wall Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt

    Very colourful dive (soft corals).

    Pixie Gardens Cairns, Australia

    Pixie Pinnacle Cairns, Australia

    large coral bommie with lot of hard and soft corals.

    Point Cartwright Southern Queensland, Australia

    Poor condictions but great for beginers of with the kids snorkling. Only if there is no surf!!

    Pot Luck Taveuni Island, Fiji

    Predators Playgound Cairns, Australia

    A true shark dive: Grey Sharks, Whitetip reef Sharks, Tiger Sharks and even Hammerhead Sharks.

    Prisca Corner North Male Atoll, Maldives

    The reef crest at the corner slopes gently down to at a plateau at 10 metres with some bommies to shelter behind and catch your breath before heading out into the stream. Or you can use it at the end of your dive to look at Shrimp-goby holes in the sand or Blennies sticking their heads out of vacant…

    Prisca Head North Male Atoll, Maldives

    similar to meeru corner you have a nice reef and have the possibility to see mantas during summer.
    Sharks Resting

    Punta Maria Cocos Island, Costa Rica

    Descend onto an underwater mountain starting at a depth of 20 meters (65 feet). Cruise around the cleaning station to look for Galapagos sharks and hammerheads. White tip sharks are also regular visitors here. Experienced divers only, due to strong currents. Good visibility, usually around 20 meters…

    Qita El Banna North Sudan, Sudan

    Very nice living corals, barracuda shoals, sharks...

    Que Brada Lighthouse Reef, Belize

    This is a cut on the reef; both dive the wall and the shallows parts. Great marine life including green moray eels, spotted drum, lobster, crabs...