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    Kuredu House Reef Faadhippolhu Atoll, Maldives

    Small Fishing boat sunk stern down at an angle of approximately 45 degrees, Bow is at about 20m with the stern about 30m, located three quarters of the way along the house reef before the reef turns into the channel of Kuredu Express. Be aware not to go past marker buoys to east of wreck as the…

    Lithou Reefs Townsville, Australia

    Reef Sharks, Green Turtles, Stingrays, Eagle Rays...

    Little Broadhurst Reef Townsville, Australia


    Little Brother The Brother Islands, Egypt

    Steep walls, black coral, great gorgonians

    Long Cay Wall Turneffe Islands, Belize

    Low Isles Cairns, Australia

    Maafushi Corner South Male Atoll, Maldives

    Maafusi Outside South Male Atoll, Maldives

    Maamigili Beru South Ari Atoll, Maldives

    Whale Shark

    Maamigili Faru South Ari Atoll, Maldives

    Also Maamigili Corner is the western corner of the kandu with the name of the island. Is not a very good dive close to the kandu as the construction of the new airport is very noisy and there is a lot of boat traffic. However, on the most western side of the dive, on top of the reef between 5 and…

    Machchafushi Housereef South Ari Atoll, Maldives

    Madivaru Beyru North Male Atoll, Maldives

    this spot is some kind of lagoon so that you don¥t have to expect currents at all. therfore you just don¥t have to care about sharks or bigger pelagics and can fully concentrate on all the life a reef has to offer, and believe me, it¥s a lot!

    Magdelaine Cays Cairns, Australia

    Majestic Point Turneffe Islands, Belize

    Great deep dive with many coral ridges and lovely light displays for your morning dive.Wonderful coral formations and striking underwater topography.

    Makunudhoo inside North Male Atoll, Maldives

    Makunudhoo Kandu is a whole protected area with lots of dive sites scattered around the 2km of the kandu. Probably the most important one is Kuda Faru,that is a finger of reef from the inside to the outside corner, about 500m. Here you have the possibility to encounter some juvenile fish if you come…

    Makunudhoo outside North Male Atoll, Maldives

    makunudu outside is a bit more exposed to currents as makunudu inside as it lies in the entrance of the channel. so you just will be able to go there during inflowing current. many reef fish can be expected as somtimes nursesharks and turtles

    Mali Mali Coiba Island, Panama

    Manta point Felidhu Atoll, Maldives

    About 200 metres east of Dhiggiri resort you can reach this small reef with mantas during south west monsoon

    Manta Ray Bommie Southern Queensland, Australia

    Done as a ferry and bus trip to North Stradbroke Island, and dived from a small boat. This is the place to go if you missed seeing a manta at Flinders. Shallow dives to 10 metres with mantas (in the summer months) Leopard sharks and shovel-nosed rays. Very weather dependent dive site.Manta season…

    Masamirit Suakin Islands, Sudan

    The east side of Masamirit offers a great drop-off dive. Seen many sharks and turtles.

    Medha Faru South Male Atoll, Maldives

    Meeru Corner North Male Atoll, Maldives

    nice reef dive neraby meeru. many reef fish, turtles, napoleons and moray eels. beautiful corals. The dive site is special because the reef drops vertically from dive to 30 meters where the location is great.

    Merlo Reef North Sudan, Sudan

    Merlo is a very nice reef, as good as Angarosh reef. Sharks and sometime mantas can be seen here. There is also a small wreck on the northwest side of the reef.

    Michaelmas Reef Cairns, Australia

    Middle Garden Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

    Gentle slope running down to 25m.

    Middle Reef South Male Atoll, Maldives

    This area is a protected marine park.
    Flat worm

    Milln Reef - Petaj Cairns, Australia

    Home to resident sea turtles and white tipped reef sharks, Petaj is an exciting site with some great swim-throughs. The wall of the main 'bommie' is an excellent place to search for tiny, yet colourful nudibranchs - a delight for photographers

    Milln Reef - Rainbow Cairns, Australia

    Reef Shark

    Milln Reef - Swimming Pools 1 Cairns, Australia

    A relaxing dive suitable for beginners and intermediate divers, popular for its abundance of fish life in the shallows. A dive amongst the coral outcrops and small 'bommies' over a sandy seabed. Average dive depth is about 10 metres. This is an excellent night dive location with sleeping turtles and…
    Green Turtle

    Milln Reef - The Whale Cairns, Australia

    Large isolated bommie. Reef sharks, turtles...

    Mini White Wall Taveuni Island, Fiji

    Miyaru Faru North Male Atoll, Maldives

    Miyaru is translated as shark in the local maldivian language (Dhivehi), so is common to see grey reef sharks, eagle rays , and sometimes manta rays, only then there is ingoint current.

    Moore Reef Cairns, Australia

    This is a large reef rich with life. It offers sheltered coral gardens. Operators work mainly in the back reef area, and all have similar dives.

    Mouchaís balise Moucha s balise, Djibouti

    Mudjimba Island Southern Queensland, Australia

    One of the richest undersea dives in Queensland!

    Murphy's Reef Southern Queensland, Australia

    One of the best dive site of the area.

    Myrmidon Reef Townsville, Australia

    Fantastic coral garden with great sealife.

    Near Garden Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt

    Norman Reef - Bobs Bommie Cairns, Australia

    Nice reef with sharks and turtles.

    Norman Reef - Caves Cairns, Australia