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    coral garden

    Coral Garden North Male Atoll, Maldives

    Also known as "blue lagoon". Long reef on the south side of Thaburudhoo Kandu with plenty options for the diving. Grey reef sharks on the outside and great coral garden on the inside with max 18 meters with lots of reef fishes. Nice and easy dive.

    Coral Gardens Koh Similan, Thailand

    One of the most beautifull beach of all Similan Islands. This large fringing reef stretches the length of the long sandy beach on the north east of the island. The reef gradually slopes down to a sandy bottom at 24m, from a near-surface depth where some corals are even exposed at low tides. Depths…

    Crawl Cay Turneffe Islands, Belize

    Crystal Cascades Cairns, Australia

    Cut Throat Turneffe Islands, Belize

    Dahrat Abid North Sudan, Sudan

    There is the rest of a wooden fishing boat on the northen side. The southern part is full of soft corals.

    Dahrat Ghab Suakin Islands, Sudan

    The southern tip offers a great dive site: Superb living corals, sharks and mantas!

    Dart Reef Townsville, Australia

    School of Hammerhead Sharks

    Darwin's Arch Galapagos, Ecuador

    The Darwin's Arch on the south east corner of Darwin Island is the best dive site in the Galapagos Islands. The site is a great place to see Whale Sharks, Hammerhead, silky, galapagos and black tip reef sharks, turtles, rays and other large pelagics.

    Davies Reef Townsville, Australia


    Deep Six/ Fanfare Point Koh Similan, Thailand

    This site off the northly tip is an underwater ridge extension of the island. Depths from 10 - 42m. Visibility 18 - 24m. Quite a good multilevel dive with excellent marine life. There are interesting passageways between the large granite boulders, which are covered with large barrel sponges, wire…

    Dhiffushi Beru South Ari Atoll, Maldives

    Outside of Dhiffushi Island

    Diamond Islets Townsville, Australia

    Several islets and pinnacles. Eagle Rays, stingrays and turtles are often seen.

    Diane Bank Cairns, Australia

    Turtles, Sharks, Rays...
    Hammerhead Shark

    Dirty Rock Cocos Island, Costa Rica

    Hammerhead dive

    Domina Coral Bay reef Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

    Plenty to see at this dive site, and the staff will take all your kit to the pontoon.

    Donald Duck Bay Koh Similan, Thailand

    This picturesque bay, with it's beautiful white beach backed by rock formations and dense vegetation, is a popular anchorage for live-aboards. The site is known by several names including Shoe Bay (Ao Guakin Thai), or Campbell's Bay, and the eastern side of the bay (The Boulders) is the most…

    East of Eden Koh Similan, Thailand

    Also known as Morning Edge, this site borders the easternmost point of the Koh Payu island for a few hundred meters, and is probably one of the most spectacular sites within the Similans. Despite it's relatively compact size, it offers very beautiful underwater scenery, with an excellent blend of…

    Eastern Shallows Koh Similan, Thailand

    Very nice corals.

    El Porton Coiba Island, Panama

    tunas and jacks

    Elbow Turneffe Islands, Belize

    Dive site is southern tip of the Atoll.Closer the Island the area is a fairly easy dive but move away from the shore and the bottom drops away quickly and you can encounter strong currents being whipped around the tipIf there is a current then the dive quickly needs more mature outlook to itCan be…

    Elephant's Head Rock Koh Similan, Thailand

    Named after the rock that sits out of the water and, to the imaginativemind, resembles an elephant cranium, this is another Similan divesite where the stunning topography is the chief feature. It is quite an extensive site and features huge granite rocks, clad with thorough growths of hard corals,…

    Ellaidhoo house reef North Ari Atoll, Maldives

    This is probably one of the best and more convenient house reefs in the whole Maldives. Right on the south of Ellaidhoo you can jump from the jetty or from the beach and there is a 750m long wall dive full of caves, cavities, seafans, hard and soft coral, sponges and lots of life. The sandy bottom…

    Eriyadu North Male Atoll, Maldives

    Escape Reef Cairns, Australia


    Fantasea Reef Koh Similan, Thailand

    This dive rates as one of the best in the Similans, and lies about 150m off the North West coast. A series of massive granite boulders, at depths of 10m to 30m, provide numerous caves, arches and swim-throughs. Aside from the excellent gorgonians and sea fans and a host of critters, the abundant and…

    Fiasco Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

    Fiddle Garden Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

    A good alternative to far garden when it's crowded.

    Fish Factory Taveuni Island, Fiji


    Flat Rock Southern Queensland, Australia

    Many different sites around Flat Rock & Little Flat Rock, usually catering for most experience levels.

    Flora Reef Cairns, Australia

    Great wall with caves
    Clown Fish

    Flynn Reef - Coral Garden Cairns, Australia

    Giant Clam

    Flynn Reef - Gordon's mooring Cairns, Australia

    Gordon's Mooring has some great swim-throughs and overhangs amongst the variety of smaller bommies. It is very popular with photographers as it boasts a wide range of corals and marine life with plenty of sunlight. Deeper areas of the site provide a stunning blue backdrop for photos. Highlights…

    Flynn Reef - Three Sisters Cairns, Australia

    Lovely dive. White-tip sharks and great drop-off.

    Flynn Reef - Tracey's Bommie Cairns, Australia

    Reef sharks, eagle rays... very nice dive.

    Gladden Corner Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    Usually can find reeffish such as sweetlips, snapper,butterflyfish. Bigfish like malabar grouper, blacktip shark, barracudas also Bumphead parrot fish. Unusual critter like ghost pipefish, pygmy seahorse and colorfush nudibranch.Coral reef is healthy and consist branching coral, massive and foliose…

    Gothenburg Wreck Townsville, Australia

    Gothenburg Wreck is a 60m steel steamer. It sank in 1875.
    White spotted toadfish

    Grand Bogue Turneffe Islands, Belize

    elusive white spotted, white lined & large-eyed toadfish

    Great White Wall Taveuni Island, Fiji

    Green Island - New York Cairns, Australia